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Why we’re here

Creating a modern wiki experience on top of the software that powers Wikipedia.

MediaWiki is a powerful open-source software platform that has helped many thousands of companies. With ProWiki we provided the first truly modern MediaWiki experience. Gone are the days of needing to assign your IT staff to maintain a new software stack. You can now create and configure your wiki with a few clicks.

We strive to improve the MediaWiki user experience.

The company


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Professional Wiki GmbH is the company behind ProWiki.

We are MediaWiki veterans with expertise that includes MediaWiki hosting and MediaWiki software development.

Professional Wiki has made significant contributions to MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase. We also created over 40 MediaWiki extensions and wrote a lot of the MediaWiki documentation.

We are a customer-focused agile company. We value professionalism, quality and sustainability. Join our team.

Meet the founders

Professional.Wiki - Jeroen De Dauw

Jeroen De Dauw


Jeroen is our CTO. He created Wikibase, maintains Semantic MediaWiki and is credited as one of MediaWiki's creators.

Jeroen is a software craftsman with expertise in software architecture, testing and quality. He occasionally posts on his developer blog.

In his spare time Jeroen enjoys beach volleyball, boardgames and reading.

Professional.Wiki - Karsten Hoffmeyer

Karsten Hoffmeyer

CFO & MediaWiki Expert

Besides being our CFO, Karsten is a MediaWiki veteran with deep and broad MediaWiki usage expertise.

Karsten has been hosting MediaWiki wikis since 2011 and is one of the most active editors on MediaWiki.org.

In his free time Karsten enjoys caring for plants, talking walks and editing wikis.

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