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Create your wiki with a few clicks via ProWiki, the hosting service by the SMW maintainers.

Creating a new MediaWiki wiki via ProWiki

Avoid the headaches that come with MediaWiki installation and maintenance.

Configure your wiki and Semantic MediaWiki via the ProWiki admin panel.

Manage Your Knowledge Via Forms

Define forms via which your wiki users can easily add and update knowledge.

Creating a new MediaWiki wiki via ProWiki

Semantic MediaWiki forms support auto-completion, validation and rich input elements.

Create Your Semantic MediaWiki

Visualize Your Knowledge

Aggregate information into automatically generated lists or dynamic visualizations.

Creating a new MediaWiki wiki via ProWiki

Visualize your knowledge directly in your wiki pages via Semantic MediaWiki queries.

You can also use queries to create different "views" on your data, optimizing your wiki for multiple use cases.

Create Your Semantic MediaWiki

Free Your Knowledge

Integrate with your internal systems or open up to the world.

Creating a new MediaWiki wiki via ProWiki

Access your structured data in JSON, CSV, RDF, etc. via the web API. Or use the SPARQL endpoint.

Note: ProWiki does not currently support SPARQL or partially-private wikis. Contact us for a tailored MediaWiki hosting.

Create Your Semantic MediaWiki

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