Frequently Asked Questions

Use Cases

Yes, you can! ProWiki supports private wikis. This means you can create an internal wiki only accessible by your employees.

Private wikis are not available on all plans. See ProWiki Organization Pricing or ProWiki Individual Pricing for more information.

Yes, you can! ProWiki excels in open and semi-open wikis.

While ProWiki is also suitable for internal enterprise wikis, it is built on the open software behind Wikipedia, and is thus a fantastic choice for community driven websites.

ProWiki has a number of common use cases which it is especially good at.

  • Internal knowledge management. This is a common use case for businesses that need a private knowledge base. ProWiki’s flexibility, depth and collaborative nature are common selling points.
  • Wiki as website. Many individuals and organizations use ProWiki as a public-facing website with a Content Management System. These wikis allow editing only by their creators, and trusted contributors.
  • Community-driven websites. ProWiki features excellent collaboration functionality, coming from MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia. MediaWiki is the go-to choice for community-driven wikis. ProWiki allows creating wikis similar to those on Fandom (Wikia), but without the ads and with more customizability.
  • Documentation management. Organizations use ProWiki for internal documentation, and, in some cases, for sharing documentation with their user base.
  • Public knowledge base. This use case is especially common for public institutions that wish to publish their data in an open and FAIR format. Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki are often used to structure the data and allow for querying. ProWiki supports both, though, for advanced Wikibase usage, our dedicated Wikibase hosting is a better fit.

Like the MediaWiki foundation it is based on, ProWiki is extemely versatile. MediaWiki is often compared with spreadsheets: you can use it for almost anything. So even if your use case is not listed above, ProWiki might still be a good fit for it. Are you unsure? Ask us about your use case.

ProWiki is a business-orientated version of MediaWiki.

ProWiki comes with many enhancements over plain MediaWiki, including:

Content stored in ProWiki is interoperable with MediaWiki, meaning that you can transfer data between the two, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Compare ProWiki with typical MediaWiki hosting.

Onboarding and Setup

Yes, we do. Try out ProWiki for free for 2 weeks. No binding commitments. Cancel any time before the end of the trial, or continue with a paid plan if you are satisfied. You can cancel with a few clicks via our website.

Your wiki is available instantly. Sign up, pick a plan, enter your payment details and fill out the short setup form. Once these steps are completed, you can immediately view your wiki and login.

We provide a paid import service for complex transfers. In some cases, you can transfer your wiki content yourself.

If you only wish to tranfer the content of wiki pages, and your wiki is relatively small, then you can use MediaWiki's XML export. Once you created the XML export of your old wiki, navigate to Special:Import on your ProWiki wiki, and upload the XML file.

If you wish to transfer uploaded files, user accounts, or anything else not part of page content, the only option is to use our paid import services. This is also needed if your wiki is too big to upload all its content via Special:Upload. Contact our sales team to get a personalized quote.

Yes, you can! When creating your new wiki, you can choose between using a free subdomain, and using your own domain or subdomain.

If you choose your own domain, you will need to add two records to the DNS configuration of your domain. You will recieve these records during the signup process, together with instructions on how to use them. These instructions can be shared with your IT team, in case you yourself are not responsible for such technical matters.

Since adding DNS records can take some time, your wiki will be available immediately on a temporary subdomain. Once the DNS records have been added, your wiki is automatically moved to your chosen location on your own domain.

Using your own domain is not possible with some of our budget plans.

We provide on-premises hosting with many of the same features as ProWiki. On-premises hosting is more costly than ProWiki cloud hosting. Contact our sales team to get a personalized quote.

Compliance and Security

Our servers are located in Germany. This means your data will be stored and processed in Germany.

Learn more about security at ProWiki.

Yes we are. Our servers are located in Germany. This means your data will be stored and processed in Germany.

Learn more about security at ProWiki.

Automatic daily backups that are retained for up to 32 days. Both the wiki database and the uploaded files are backed up.

Learn more about security at ProWiki.

Your wiki content is stored in a dedicated database. You have your own user list, and other wikis cannot influence your wiki content. Only ProWiki staff has access to the servers. Because you can create your own wikis instantly, ProWiki is still classified as a wiki farm.

Learn more about security at ProWiki.

The historical uptime of our wikis exceeds 99.9%. We are working on making live uptime statistics available to our customers.

Learn more about security at ProWiki.

We use the latest patch release of MediaWiki 1.39, giving our customers maximum security and stability.

MediaWiki 1.39 is the latest Long Term Support (LTS) MediaWiki version.

ProWiki is a brand of Professional Wiki GmbH, an established provider of MediaWiki services and solutions. We have over 15 years of experience and a long track record of customer success. Professional Wiki is a German company based in Berlin. ProWiki is our answer to those looking for the most modern and smooth MediaWiki experience.

Learn more about ProWiki.

Yes! ProWiki comes with 2FA options out of the box. All users can enable 2FA for their account. Administrators can enforce 2FA for all users or for a specific user group via the wiki admin panel.

Learn more about security at ProWiki.


We provide exports on request. These include a copy of all files you uploaded and a full export of the wiki database, which contains your pages and users. You thus avoid vendor lock-in and are able to migrate to another MediaWiki hoster.

We make backups daily, see security at ProWiki.

You can already enable about 100 MediaWiki extensions via the wiki admin panel.

To ensure the stability and sustainability of our customer's wikis, we only install MediaWiki extensions that our MediaWiki experts have vetted.

You can request installation of additional extensions, though we are not obliged to honor your request. If the extension is well-maintained and generally usable, we will likely install it. Naturally, requests for wikis on higher-tier plans carry more weight. Contact us.

We use a highly scalable infrastructure that automatically scales up during high load. ProWiki is suitable for all but the most extreme use cases, such as Wikipedia itself. If your wiki is likely to see hundreds of thousands of edits per day, for instance by making automated edits via the API, we recommend you contact us for a custom quote.

Yes, we use a Content Delivery Network to serve static files such as images and CSS. This minimizes the loading times of your wiki, regardless of where your visitors are located.

Help Center

Looking for help using ProWiki? Check out our MediaWiki Help Center.