ProWiki vs typical MediaWiki hosting

Fully managed

ProWiki offers a fully managed wiki. This means the wiki software, and underlying software stack, such as the operating system, are upgraded automatically.

You can of course hire your own IT staff to create and manage the wiki and supporting infrastructure. This can be quite expensive and yield inferior results compared to using a fully managed wiki solution. You can save 1000s of Euros per month by using ProWiki hosting.

Fully managed wiki hosting puts ProWiki in a different league than various services that allow you to create a new VPS with MediaWiki. When using such a service you are left responsible for upgrading MediaWiki and it’s extensions, which is often much more complicated and time consuming than creating a wiki in the first place. Be careful of wikis that seem too cheap, if you value your time.

Simple signup process

Typical flow

  • Contact sales
  • Wait for a reply
  • Back and forth
  • They create your wiki
  • More back and forth
  • Create account
  • Start editing

Total time: several days

ProWiki flow

  • Create account
  • Choose plan
  • Create wiki via form
  • Start editing

Total time: less than 5 minutes

Run by developers and wiki experts

ProWiki is developed and operated by MediaWiki veterans.

We contribute enhancements, such as code improvements, to the MediaWiki ecosystem. We are also the creators and maintainers of many of the most popular MediaWiki extensions and Skins, such as Semantic MediaWiki, Maps, Wikibase and Chameleon.

Due to our expertise and involvement with the development of MediaWiki, we can address many of the issues our clients run into.

We innovate

MediaWiki is an incredibly powerful platform that is well suited for a variety of tasks. It does however have weaknesses, too. We recognise these weaknesses and strive to address them. We aim to provide a modern wiki experience minus the usual pain points.

We have replaced the time-consuming and technical process of creating a wiki with a simple UI based workflow that follows modern best practices. Configuring the wiki itself is now also easier than ever before via our highlight integrated Admin Panel. These capabilities are unique to ProWiki.

You will benefit from our continued efforts to improve the usability of MediaWiki. We are receptive to feedback and requests from our community.

Get the latest wiki software

ProWiki comes with recent versions of the MediaWiki software, extensions and underlying infrastructure. Get access to the latest features and enhancements quickly. Avoid running a 2009 version of the software.

Many wiki hosts either do not provide updates at all, or only update once every two years or so. In stark contrast, we often deploy updates multiple times a day. This is made possible in a safe and reliable manner by our superior infrastructure and deep expertise.

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