How organizations use ProWiki

Discover how all kinds of organizations achieve their goals with ProWiki.

Knowledge Management

Create a Private Knowledge Base for your business.

Enjoy powerful search, version history, automatic reports and more.
Use internal links, categories and even Semantic MediaWiki to organize and share your data.

Public Knowledge Base

Publish your data via a Public Knowledge Base.

Public institutions often wish to publish their data in an open and FAIR format. Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki are often used to enable structured data and querying. While ProWiki supports both, our dedicated Wikibase hosting is a better fit for advanced Wikibase usage.

Community-Driven Websites

Engage your community with an open wiki.

ProWiki features excellent collaboration functionality, coming from MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia. MediaWiki is the go-to choice for community-driven wikis. Create wikis similar to those on Fandom (Wikia), but without the ads and with more customizability.

Wiki as Website

Tell your story to the world.

Many individuals and organizations use ProWiki as a public-facing website with a Content Management System. These wikis allow editing only by their creators and trusted contributors.

Documentation Management

Collaboratively document your knowledge, processes, and more. Break down silos.

Organizations use ProWiki for internal documentation, and, in some cases, for sharing documentation with their user base. ProWiki provides excellent collaboration tools, and page version history gives you maximum transparency.

City Wikis

Publish your city's data so everyone can access it.

ProWiki provides a specialized plan for wikis about cities.
Historical data, places, people, events and more. We have got you covered.

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