How to Create a New MediaWiki User Account

Updated on October 1, 2022

In this article, you will learn how to create new MediaWiki user accounts.

Creating an Account for Someone Else

Start by navigating to the account creation page. The name of this page is Special:CreateAccount.

If you are using ProWiki, then you can easily get to this page via the admin panel. Click "Create user" on the Users tab. On basic MediaWiki you might have to directly enter Special:CreateAccount in the URL bar of your browser.

Administration interface allowing to choose who can sign up to MediaWiki

Once you are on the account creation page, select the "Use a temporary random password" option. Then enter the username and email of the new user.

MediaWiki form that allows creating a new user account

When you click "Create account", the wiki sends an email with login instructions to your provided address.

Configure Who Can Create Accounts

If you are using ProWiki, then simply navigate to the Permissions tab of the admin panel and select or deselect "enable new account creation".

Administration interface allowing to choose who can sign up to MediaWiki

If you are using basic MediaWiki, then you need to add PHP configuration to LocalSettings.php. By default, MediaWiki allows anyone to sign up. If you need different behavior for your wiki, then add one of the below code snippets to the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file:

Only users in the "sysop" group can create accounts:

$mwGlobals['wgGroupPermissions']['*']['createaccount'] = false;

Only registered can create accounts:

$mwGlobals['wgGroupPermissions']['*']['createaccount'] = false;
$mwGlobals['wgGroupPermissions']['user']['createaccount'] = true;

Sign Up To a Wiki

On some wikis, everyone can sign up by creating a user account for themselves.

Look for the "Create account" link. On most wikis you can find it on the top right, next to "Log in". The exact location depends on the used MediaWiki theme. If there is no such link, the wiki probably does not have open signup. In this case you cannot sign up without an invitation from an existing user.

The Create Account link on a wiki using the Vector theme

Alternative approach: Instead of using the "Create account" link, you can directly go to the Special:CreateAccount page.