MediaWiki Extensions

Updated on December 25, 2022

MediaWiki extensions are software addons that can be installed on top of MediaWiki. They are comparable to WordPress plugins.

There are thousands of MediaWiki extensions available, which can be used to customize the appearance, behavior, and functionality of your MediaWiki site.

Best MediaWiki extensions

Supercharge your wiki with the best wiki extensions via our list of top MediaWiki extensions, curated by wiki experts.

Installing MediaWiki extensions

ProWiki comes with many MediaWiki extensions. Some of those are enabled by default, while others can be enabled via one click in the ProWiki admin panel.

If you are installing new extensions yourself, check out our LocalSettings.php and Installing MediaWiki Extensions with Composer guides.

The extensions bundled with MediaWiki are useful for many wikis. They are also easy to enable, in case you manage your wiki yourself.

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