ProWiki Turns Two 🥳

News updated on May 16, 2024 by Jeroen De Dauw

ProWiki Turns Two 🥳

Discover the improvements to MediaWiki hosting over the last two years.

In 2021, we set out to transform MediaWiki hosting into a modern, user-centric experience. Our goal was for you to be able to create a new wiki in a minute and try it out for free. We launched a premium hosting service with no ads, superb usability, many features, and excellent support.

We named our new solution ProWiki and launched it in May 2022. We have come a long way in those short two years, hosting many wikis and continuously improving ProWiki. Let’s look at some highlights!

Admin Panel

Customize your wiki via our MediaWiki admin panel.

Effortlessly configure settings, customize themes, activate extensions, and manage user permissions. Sidestep PHP configuration by using our user-friendly interface for seamless wiki customization.

Dashboard of the MediaWiki admin panel

We added over 100 new settings to the Admin Panel and recently redesigned it from the group up to make it even more intuitive. Learn more.

Single Sign-On

We're thrilled to announce that ProWiki now supports Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling you to authenticate seamlessly using various identity providers such as Google, Microsoft, Okta and Slack. You can also authenticate via Generic OpenID Connect or authentication services like Auth0.

A list of SSO identity providers including GitLab, Google, Microsoft, and Slack

SSO streamlines your workflow by reducing the need to manage multiple passwords and enhances security. Additionally, with our new OAuth Server support, you can use your wiki as an identity provider, allowing login to other applications with your ProWiki accounts.

As a cherry on top, we recently improved support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Administrators can now mandate 2FA, enhancing the security of your wiki.

2FA configuration that forces users to set up 2FA


Get started quickly with Wikibase via ProWiki. You configure Wikibase via the admin panel and enable various Wikibase extensions. Our most recent additions include Wikibase Client and a configuration UI for formatter URLs.

Wikibase dashboard showing statistics and configuration options

Create your own Wikibase today.

Slash Commands

Improve your editing productivity with Slash Commands, our new Visual Editor plugin.

“Slash commands” are an intuitive way to add content to your wiki pages. You are probably already familiar with slash commands from tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Notion.

Adding a table to a wiki page via Slash Commands in the MediaWiki Visual Editor

Slash Commands for MediaWiki are available exclusively on ProWiki and our other MediaWiki hosting options. They are part of our ongoing efforts to make MediaWiki as user-friendly as it can be.

Learn more about Slash Commands.

100 MediaWiki Extensions

We are continuously making additional MediaWiki extensions available on ProWiki. Over the last two years, we have added over 50 extensions.

Some of the extensions we added recently are ApprovedRevs for approval workflows, External Data for integration with external systems, Wikibase Client for access to Wikibase data, Moderation for vandalism protection, and Import Users.

Puzzle pieces around a sunflower

To ensure your wiki remains secure and performant, we only make high-quality and sustainable extensions available on ProWiki. Even so, there are many options to choose from. Find out our picks for the best MediaWiki extensions.

Happy Customers

"We unreservedly recommend Professional Wiki for all matters relating to MediaWiki."

"Professional Wiki’s hosting has been effortless and their support above and beyond expectation. Accommodating service with a personal touch, warmly recommended. I especially appreciated the care taken in migrating our sizeable legacy wiki."

Jaap van der Velde, Associate Principal Software Architect, for TUFLOW Wiki

"The ProWiki team provided swift and effective support when we needed to enhance our MediaWiki functionality. Their expert advice and responsive service were exactly what we needed."

"We experience ProWiki as a reliable wiki hosting provider that responds quickly to all our questions and needs."

Join their ranks 🚀

More To Come

We have many exciting features in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more improvements to ProWiki.

We are working on artificial intelligence in MediaWiki, radically improved usability, knowledge management integrations, and more.

If you have feature requests or feedback, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to provide more value.

Secure Your Discount

On July 1st, we will increase the price of ProWiki hosting. Secure your discount by signing up before then. Existing customers will be grandfathered in at their current rate.

Did you know that with ProWiki, you do not have to pay per seat? You can have as many users as you want on your wiki without any additional cost. You can also create as many wiki pages as you want.

With 100 users, SharePoint Business Standard, Confluence Premium and Notion Team all cost roughly 1000 EUR per month. For their higher tier plans, you pay roughly a quarter of a million EUR per year. With ProWiki, you pay 119 EUR per month for our Premium plan and 279 EUR for the Ultra plan.

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